Center for Continuing Education of Osteopathy 

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Upcoming Courses  Autumn 2020 - Winter 2021

Treating Female Pelvic Pain Through

the Urogenital System (Toronto & Montreal)

 Urinary Incontinence & Uterine Prolapse

Clinical Assessment

 Visceral Osteopathy & Spinal Reflex Techniques

3 day course - CATA accredited - 20 hours

Eight chapter course released over five week 20 CPDs/ CEUs

Pediatric Osteopathy Certification Series

Next Blended VideoConference & Live Workshop Program starts in Winter 2021 Toronto



PED1. The Birthing Process &  Pediatric Cranial Dysfunctions 

2 hr. VideoConference Class with 10 page Handouts &  Protocols & 1.5 hrs. Online Protocol Demonstration

  mid January 2021

PED2. Approaches to Pediatric Palpation & Assessment

2 hr. VideoConference Class with 10 page Handouts &  Protocols & 1.5 hrs. Online Protocol Demonstration
 End Jan 2021

 PED3. Congenital Torticolis & Associated Conditions

2 hr. VideoConference Class with 10 page Handouts &  Protocols & 1.5 hrs. Online Protocol Demonstration
Mid Feb 2021

PED4. Cranial Moulding Protocols
2 hr. VideoConference Class with 10 page Handouts &  Protocols & 1.5 hrs. Online Protocol Demonstration
 End Feb 2021

(before Ontario Spring Break)

PED5. Pediatric Digestive Disturbances

2 hr. VideoConference Class with 10 page Handouts &  Protocols & 1.5 hrs. Online Protocol Demonstration
end March 2021

PED6. Pediatric Latching & Feeding Difficulties
2 hr. VideoConference Class with 10 page Handouts &  Protocols & 1.5 hrs. Online Protocol Demonstration
 Mid April 2021

PED7. Pediatric Orthopedic Dysfunctions of Upper Limbs

V2 hr. VideoConference Class with 10 page Handouts &  Protocols & 1.5 hrs. Online Protocol Demonstration
 End  April 2021

PED8. Pediatric Orthopedic Dysfunctions - Lower Limb

2 hr. VideoConference Class with 10 page Handouts &  Protocols & 1.5 hrs. Online Protocol Demonstration
 Mid May 2021

  End May / Beg June 2021 (weekdays 10am-4pm)

Treating Female Pelvic Pain, Urinary Incontinence & Uterine Prolapse with Visceral Osteopathy
three day in-person course - Toronto
tentative dates: end November, early December
Email us to confirm Toronto dates

three day in-person course - Montreal
2020-2021 dates to TBD
email us to be added to our waiting list

Eight chapter course released over five week 25 CPDs/ CEUs

Level I: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Cranial Osteopathy   (28 hrs CEUs)
Blended Online & Classroom Learning Format

Eight Weekly VIDEOCONFERENCE classes and a Two Day IN-PERSON Workshop along with weekly access to demonstration & training videos.
email us to inquire about upcoming start dates
 Level I is a pre-requisite for several of our continuing education courses (if you are not already fully trained in Cranial Osteopathy). 

Treating the Obstetrical Patient Throughout all of the Stages of Pregnancy:  An Osteopathic Approach
eight week online course, 25 CEUs/CPDs
Now offered in an Online Course Bundle for students who need training in Cranial Osteopathy as well.  Click here to read about this course bundle
Already trained in Biomechanical Cranial Osteopathy and want to enroll directly in the online course?  Click here to view your course options

Learning to Identify & Treat Dysfunctional Cranial Patterns
This course is a bridge between Level 1 and the Advanced Pathologies series

New !  English Language Osteopathy Courses in Quebec!

Are you a Montreal based Osteopath or Manual Practitioner looking for English Language Continuing Education courses in Montreal?  We have several courses planned starting in Autumn 2019.  Email us for further information

Read about our Founder's Vision and Our Mission

Osteopathy as a  form of manual therapy is new and growing in popularity and  demand in Ontario.  With this nascent popularity comes a shortage of continuing education for qualified Osteopaths who wish to update or expand their clinical skills.  Other Allied Health Care Professionals adept at Manual Therapy may also wish to advance their learning by following continuing education seminars in the field of Osteopathy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

The Institute for Continuing Education of Osteopathy (ICEO) was founded by Maureen Norah Maher, Internationally Accredited Osteopath Practitioner, in order to address the shortage off Osteopathic Continuing Education.  As Alternative Medicine therapies grow in popularity in Ontario, so do the various Associations who represent these Practitioners.  Increasingly, these Associations are creating Continuing Education requirements for their members, yet the number of Continuing Education courses available within the field of Osteopathy are very few in Ontario.  We at the ICEO strive to change all that.  To read more about the Biography and Credentials of our Founder, please scroll down and read the section entitled "Our Team".

What Participants are Saying About Us:

"Maureen is one of the best instructors in this art form that I have ever had! Her knowledge and hands on are great. Maureen brings a great deal of needed substance to this powerful form of treatment. Anyone wanting to improve their cranial skill set should study with Maureen."  Jan Murray, DO(MP) Dec 2014 

"I have recently taken a one day course ... "Treating Upper Cervical Dysfunctions with Osteopathy & Cranial Nerve Testing".  This course had proven to be a benefit to my osteopathic practice and has furthered my skill.  I highly recommend that this course be formally reviewed ...for the benefit of ... members to obtain needed continuing education credit requirements. I learned 2 important techniques for the upper cervical that I was unaware of.  You furthered my osteopathic practice, by definition this is a progressive and valuable course. "    Osteopath Practitioner DO(MP), RMT  Dec 2014

Meet our Team

Maureen Norah Maher, BA, DO(Qc), DOMP, SOC

Instructor of Cranial Seminar Series
Instructor of Women's Health Series
Educational Director

The Centre for Continuing Education of Osteopathy was founded by Maureen Norah Maher, Internationally Accredited Manual Osteopath Practitioner, in order to address the shortage off Osteopathic Continuing Education.  She also holds a great desire to give back to the community and a profession that has been so fulfilling to her, and share over a decade of acquired experience and knowledge.    As an Internationally Accredited Osteopathic Practitioner, Maureen Norah Maher has over twelve years of clinical experience, as well as being a former clinic owner and director in Montreal for over eight years.  Maureen brings extensive knowledge in Osteopathy  to her educational seminars.   Maureen was born and raised in Montreal, the birthplace of Osteopathy in Canada, and has studied under some of the great European Osteopaths of our generation.

Maureen currently practice in Ontario under the legislated title of Manual Osteopath Practitioner. Unlike abbreviate Osteopathy courses than are currently offered in Ontario, Maureen has met all requirements for becoming a Primary Care Practitioner of Osteopathy according to international standards. This includes a university degree in the health sciences, 3-6 years of intensive study within the field of Osteopathy, the completion of a thesis, accreditation evaluation as a primary care practitioner, writing and publication of dozens of case studies. Maureen is trained in medical imaging including radiology and MRIs according to international Osteopathic standards, but cannot legally requisition such imaging in Ontario.

Throughout her career, Maureen has been an accredited member in good standing in several provinces across Canada, as well as overseas. She is currently a member in good standing with the Society of Osteopaths of Canada (SOC), was an accredited member the Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals (OFOP) from 2012 to 2015, has been a member of the Corporation des Praticiens en Medecine Douces du Quebec since 2002, is a former member of the Society for the Promotion of Manual Practice Osteopathy in British Columbia, as well as being an Associate Overseas member of the Australian Osteopathic Association (AOA) since 2008. 

In 2008 she underwent accreditation evaluation for foreign trained Osteopaths in Perth, Western Australia. This led to an offer to practice in one of Singapore's leading Osteopathic Clinics, giving her the distinction of having been the first Canadian trained Osteopath to be approved to practice  in South East Asia.   She also completed partial accreditation with the General Osteopathic Council in the United Kingdom (GOSC, UK) but due to the prevailing economic conditions in Europe, chose not to complete this accreditation .  She completed her undergraduate studies at McGill University with a major in Psychology in 1989. She then completed her Osteopathic training in 2003 with the College d'osteopathie du Quebec a Montreal where she was awarded the title Doctor of Osteopathy. Maureen chose the COQM for its curriculum emphasis on Cranial Osteopathy and studied under French Cranial Osteopath Jean Lemoyne for a full year, as well as an additional 2-3 years of complete Osteopathic training under other great European Osteopaths and Medical Professionals.  Her thesis was within the field of Cranial Osteopathy, examining the connection between Temporal Lobe Disorders and Myofascial and Muscular Chain Links.   Maureen's interest in healthcare has taken her from the east coast to the west coast of Canada to Europe, Australia, as well as Southeast Asia where she worked in Singapore alongside a fully international team of health care practitioners.

For eight years Maureen was the owner and director of Centre Osteopathie Plus, a multi-disciplinary clinic on the north shore of Montreal, where she successfully treated hundreds of patients each year. Many of her patients came to her via word-of-mouth, but increasingly patients were also referred by family physicians, specialists, and other health care practitioners.  To date, Maureen has treated over three thousand patients.

Maureen has collaborated in the curriculum design of a new Osteopathic College here in Ontario, and has taught continuing education seminars at the Ontario College of Osteopathy in Markham, Ontario as well as in Quebec, and Singapore.  She has written many articles that were published in various community newspapers and magazines across Canada, and is currently writing a professional autobiography that will be entitled "Confessions of an Osteopath".  Students of Osteopathy continuing education say that Maureen's teaching style is animated, engaging, but most importantly, informative.  Her gift lies in communicating complex theories in simple terms and analogies.  Her students come away with a clear grasp of Osteopathic concepts for treatment, and practical knowledge of how to apply them.  Students who enroll in any of our continuing education seminars can contact Maureen at any future date with clinical questions.  As a result, many Osteopaths worldwide still consult with her today regarding challenging Osteopathy cases.  

 Maureen is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and offers osteopathic educational seminars in English and French. She currently practices Osteopathy in Toronto. To learn more about her practice, please  visit .


Amanda Richards

Registration Coordinator

Amanda is our online Registration Coordinator.  She is the contact person when submitting your Registration Forms and/or payment information via email.  Saradha processes and tracks all course and seminar registrations, prepares Certificates of Completion and payment receipts and is the online point of contact with Participants regarding any questions you might have about seminar dates, location, ect.  If you have any questions regarding the above subjects, please send Saradha an email at [email protected]  If your question is of a more technical nature, she will forward your email to our Educational Director or the appropriate Instructor.


Shevy Kimmel, On Site Coordinator, Montreal

Shevy brings several years of experience as an Instructor within the field of Massage Therapy and is the co-founder of a Naturopathic Studies Program in Montreal.  She is a natural networker and has a gift from bringing people together and making them feel listened to a validated.  Shevy works with us as co-host for various Montreal based continuing education courses.  Just look for her smiling eyes and bright red hair when you arrive an any of our Montreal Workshops.


Khadijah, On Site Coordinator

Khadeja is a Doula in training, the mother of five children, and can be seen volunteering herself for some of our online training videos that are part of our Obstetrics and Women's Health series.  Khadijah has a lovely gentle style that makes her very approachable and easy to work with.  Look for her at our Workshops located at our Montreal NDG/Westmount Campus where she helps coordinate volunteer models who kindly lend us their bodies when ICEO students need to practice on as many people as possible.