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The accompanying Workbook is provided to participants in the live Workshops only.  

The accompanying Workbook is a 40 page manual  containing detailed explanations and step-by-step treatment protocols, you will come away with a solid understanding of the most common osteopathic dysfunctions found in clinical settings.

 Treating the Obstetrical Patient  Throughout all the Stages of Pregnancy 

If you are interested in expanding your practice to focus on Women's health, this Obstetrics seminar is for you.  

DAY 1:   Understanding The Obstetrical Patient 

                            Osteopathic Changes within the Body during Pregnancy 

Overview of Physical Symptoms during Pregnancy 

1st Trimester The Initial Stage 0 – 12 weeks 

Osteopathic Assessment Protocols during the Initial Stage 

Postural Assessment Chart 

2nd trimester - The Structural Stage - 12 – 28 weeks 

Patterns of Myofascial De-compensation during the Structural Stage 

Osteopathic Treatment Protocols during the Structural Stage 

 Physiological Changes to a Lymphatic System during Obstetrics  Osteopathic Diaphragms’ Dysfunctions in Obstetrics 

The Role of the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic System in Lymph Congestion 

 Common symptoms of Lymph Congestion during Pregnancy 



DAY 2 :  Treating the Obstetrical Patient Throughout
all the Stages of Pregnancy

                         Osteopathic Treatment Protocols during Stages of Pregnancy                                               Physiological Changes in Lymphatic System during pregnancy                   

 Understanding the Congestive Stage : 3rd Trimester   28 – 36 weeks

                           Osteopathic Treatment Protocol for the Congestive Stage

                    Understanding the 4th Trimester -  Preparatory Stage - 36 weeks till delivery 

                                Osteopathic Treatment Protocol for the Preparatory Stage

                  Understanding the Post Partum Stage of Pregnancy - Delivery to 6 weeks 

                                Osteopathic treatment Protocol for PostPartum Patients



Feedback on the online course:

" Well done on a fantastic start to the Obstetrical Patient online course. So far it has been very easy to progress through the different s"tages. The content so far has been relevant to clinical practice, and I look forward to more detail when we start to look into each of the trimesters in coming weeks.

Treating Infertility and Female Pelvic Complaints: 

An Advanced Cranial & Sacral Approach

Day 1: Treating Female Infertility with Cranial Osteopathy

In this Seminar we will review the Causes of infertility, the Psychic Stresses that contribute to Infertility and the limits of osteopathic treatment . An Overview of functional anatomy of the pelvis , the Anatomy of the Cranio-Sacral system , and the Sacrum and its Four Quadrants will be taught. You will learn how to identify Cranio – Sacral Dysfunctional Patterns in Infertility including Side bending Rotations, Torsions and Shears/Strains, Compaction or Endo-Cranial Spasm . You will have a chance to participate in Demonstrations of Treatment Protocols for Classic Infertility Patterns including Compaction due to Trauma and Cranio – Sacral Torsion.

Day 2: Treating Female Pelvic Complaints

In this Seminar you will learn the Functional Anatomy of the Uro-Genital System in Women and how the Female Pelvic Cavity is comparable to a Box with Four Sides. We will review the Importance of the Bladder & Perineum Urinary Incontinence from an Osteopathic Mechanical perspective, Uterus Displacement and the Indications for Visceral Manipulation in Urinary Incontinence. You will learn how to test for and treat Bladder & Uterus Dysfunctions. We will then review the Symptoms Profile and Treatment Options of Urinary track infections (UTIs) and how to release the Associated Spinal Reflex Areas with Gentle Osteopathic Mobilizations. Finally, we will review Dysmenorrhea (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), how to identify the Classic Mechanical Symptom Profile within the Pelvis and Sacrum. Demonstrations of Osteopathic Treatment Protocols will be demonstrated and Practiced for treating Dysmenorrhea using an Osteopathic Approach.