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Treating Female Pelvic Pain Through the Urogenital System:
 Urinary Incontinence & Uterine Prolapse with Visceral Osteopathy
3 day course - CATA accredited

If you encounter female patients in your practice with Pelvic Complaints but feel ill equipped to help them,  this course is for you!  Designed for Practitioners who perform Manual Therapy, this course is suitable for Osteopathic Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Athletic Therapists.

Part  I of this series on Treating Women's Health Dysfunctions teaches you about the Mechanics of the Female Pelvis and the many factors that influence healthy pelvic functioning in a woman.  

Specifically, you will learn how dysfunction within the mechanics of the female pelvic viscera and its associated reflex centers can lead to common female pelvic complaints such as Urinary Incontinence and Uterine Dysfunction.  Assessment techniques are taught and a complete Treatment Protocol is provided.

Techniques taught all correspond to Osteopathic Principles of Visceral Osteopathy and Spinal Reflex Centers.  As a result, all techniques are external and Osteopathic in nature.

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Visceral Manual Therapy Workshop Series


A Four Part Series
Each Workshop is a Two Day Course

  includes copy of Workbook for Complete Series

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VO1:   Treating Upper GI Dysfunctions with Visceral Osteopathy (14 hrs)

* Acid Reflux*
*Hiatal hernias*


VO2:  Treating Liver and Gall Bladder Dysfunctions 

with Visceral Osteopathy

(14 hrs)

*gall bladder spasms*

* sluggish liver*

*ascending & transverse colon congestion*


VO3:  Treating Lower Gastro-Intestinal Dysfunctions with Visceral Osteopathy

(14 hrs)

* constipation*

*Ileo-cecal valve dysfunction*

*bloating and spam


VO4:  Treating the Female Pelvic Region with Visceral Osteopathy

(14 hrs)


* Pre-Menstrual Syndrome*

* Pelvic Floor weaknesses*

* Bladder & Uterine Prolapse*